004 – Practicing Gratitude

In this show, we explore the practice of gratitude, and how one can pragmatically start to cultivate a practice of gratitude in their daily lives.  Simplistic in concept, yet powerful in its impact, starting your day and coming from a place of gratitude yields numerous benefits. At its core, gratitude evolves your perspective on your […]

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003 – Top 10 Nutrition, Diet, Food Documentary Movies

In this show, we examine a sampling of popular documentary movies that discuss the many approaches, pros and cons to various diet and nutrition principles.  Many of the films showcase recurring themes, including understanding that food is big business, meal and portion size, food selection (what we choose to actually eat) importance, healthiness of certain […]

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002 – My Fitness Journey

Spanning over thirty years, the image above begins at the left-most image when I was around 17 years old.  I was ~30 in the 2nd picture from the left when I competed in my first amateur bodybuilding show.  In the third picture, I had prioritized my career/work (age ~40) at two different startup companies (with […]

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001 – The Genesis of Fitterest

The origin of Fitterest began with the concept of reaching a new level of overall fitness – Fit, Fitter, Fitterest – and the steps to reach that new gear of health and fitness in one’s life.  But, the mindset, behaviors, discipline and habits one utilizes in their fitness journey very often overlap with the foundation […]

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