July 31, 2020

072 – Fit Tech in Schools and for Athletes

With fit tech becoming more pervasive in apps, software, and wearables, how does one become more knowledgeable about these digital wellness technologies?  More specifically, how do kids get educated on using this new technology as they start utilizing apps for fitness or dieting?  We’ll take a look at a new study that studied early education about fitness technology with young children.  Next, we look at a potential future scenario where doctors write prescriptions for fitness and health (rather than just medications) for their patients to get the desired health effects and benefits.  Finally, a partnership forged between the University of Tennessee and fit tech company Whoop hopes to advantage UT athletes in their sports performance.  

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Schools Should Teach Kids Fit Tech


Fitness Prescriptions?


U. of Tennessee Partners with Fit Tech company Whoop

References and Links from Episode 72:

Links to Research Studies



Full Study - Digital Health Generation (PDF)

Digital Health Generation Report

University of Tennesee Customized Whoop Band

Whoop Membership Levels and Pricing

Impact Areas Seen in Whoop Athletes

Charles Darwin

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”


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