July 17, 2020

070 – Technology and Your Workouts

As technology continues it’s relentless integration into our daily lives, that certainly includes fitness apps and workout equipment.  With increasingly user-friendly hardware and integrated software and services, growth in fitness technology shows no signs of abating.  Today we take a look at Mighty Health, a new startup with a mobile app specifically targeted at the over-50 population.  Next, we discuss the latest EU regulator action relative to Google’s planned $2.1B acquisition of Fitbit.  Finally, we discuss some of the ways you can integrate technology into your workouts - to help keep you motivated during your workouts and easily track the results of your progress.   

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Mighty Health App


Update on Google's Proposed $2.1B acquisition of FitBit


Using Technology in Your Workouts

References and Links from Episode 70:

Top 5 Wearable Companies

Top 5 Smart Watch Companies

Sean Gerety

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.”


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