July 10, 2020

069 – Fitness Technology News

In the ever-changing landscape of fitness technology, this week we discuss three new stories regarding mergers and acquisitions.  First up we have device-maker Garmin acquiring its former downstream data analytics partner, FirstBeat Analytics, and their go-forward plans.  Next, the debut of a new Peloton subscription on Roku devices provides numerous instructor-led workouts with or without equipment directly in the comfort of one’s living room.  Finally, with the plethora of connected fitness devices, smartwatches, and fitness phone apps, where does all of that personalized fitness data go?  We take a look at some of the factors behind Google’s planned acquisition of Fitbit as regulators review the details around data and privacy concerns raised by consumer groups.  

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Garmin Acquires Firstbeat Analytics


Peloton and Roku Partnership


Google's Planned Fitbit Acquisition - Data & Privacy Concerns

References and Links from Episode 69:

Firstbeat Analytics - Analytic Categories

Roku (ROKU) and Peloton (PTON) Stock Chart

Google and Fitbit - planned acquisition 

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