January 10, 2020

043 – Fat America, Protein Intake and NO Benefits

This week we take a look at three different news stories in the headlines this past week.  Up first is a study that estimates that half of Americans will be obese by 2030 and the implications of this epidemic.  Next up is a study pontificating the amount of protein one should consume on a daily basis - from both a baseline and optimal performance perspective.  Finally, we examine nitric oxide, its role in your overall health, and how you can naturally increase nitric oxide for health and performance benefits.




Half of America Will Be Obese by 2030


How Much Protein Should One Consume?


What is Nitric Oxide and How Can you Naturally Increase its Production?

References and Links from Episode 43:

Link to full Harvard / GW University Obesity Study - here

Link to Harvard Study on Approaches to Reduce Childhood Obesity - here 

Link to the study on protein consumption - here 

Link to USDA Protein Requirements - here

Obesity Prevalence Over Time (ugh....)

Obesity Mitigation Approaches and Reach

Costs and Health Care Costs Saved Per Dollar Spent

Michelle Obama

"Childhood obesity isn't some simple, discrete issue. There's no one cause we can pinpoint. There's no one program we can fund to make it go away. Rather, it's an issue that touches on every aspect of how we live and how we work. "


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