039 – Technology and the Evolution of Fitness

This week we take a look at technology and its impact in the fitness landscape - from virtual exercise classes to heart rate monitoring and progress tracking to your fitness goals.  The extension of the group class phenomenon leveraging the scale of the internet offers consumers new and unique options for exercise. We will check out two front-runners in the space - Peloton and Mirror - and how they are innovating by leveraging connected devices and technology for on-demand and customized exercise classes.  We have certainly evolved from the fitness classes via VHS tapes in the 1980s to some of the digital technology-infused workouts of today…




Virtual Fitness Classes 







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  1. $1,995 for the bike not including sales tax
  2.  $250 delivery and setup fee
  3. $125 for Peloton cycling shoes
  4. $468 for membership ($39 a month), required for the first year. If you pay up front for one year, a thirteenth month is included, and for two years, three extra months are added.
  5. Year 1 total:  $2,838 plus tax
  1. $1,495 for the Mirror unit,  not including sales tax
  2. $250 delivery and setup fee
  3. Subscription (required): $39 a month ($468 a year), with a one-year minimum commitment
  4. Year 1 total:  $2,213 plus tax



Bill Gates

“Innovation is a good thing. The human condition is improving because of innovation."

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