December 6, 2019

038 – When Should You Eat, Workouts As You Age

In this week’s episode, we look at a couple of stories in the health, wellness, and nutrition arena from the past week.  First up we check out a study that examines the timing of when one consumes meals and its impact on obesity - the WHEN you eat versus WHAT you eat.  Next, we take a look at a study that examined the cardiovascular and other health benefits of exercise among older adults, and helps to answer the question “how old is too old to exercise?”  




What Time Should You Eat?


Benefits of Exercise as You Age

References and Links from Episode 38:


Link to full study

A Smartphone App Reveals Erratic Diurnal Eating Patterns in Humans that Can Be Modulated for Health Benefits

Early Time-Restricted Feeding Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure, and Oxidative Stress Even without Weight Loss in Men with Prediabetes

Changes in exercise frequency and cardiovascular outcomes in older adults

Early Time Restricted Feeding - Cellphone App Tracking

Trend in Number of Meals and Snacks (1977-2006)

Subjective Appetite in Study Participants

Time Restricted Eating Summary

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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