November 29, 2019

037 – Thanksgiving Feast, Gut Health, Obesity and the Brain

In this week’s episode, we look at three stories in the health, wellness, and nutrition arena from the past week.  First up we check out what happens to your body when you eat a massive Thanksgiving meal, and how you can help your body cope with a massive influx of food.  Next, we take a look at a follow-up study to the recent episode on Obesity (episode #35), where a study found that teens with obesity may have brain damage that may fuel ongoing poor eating habits.  Finally, with Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season in full swing, we examine ten foods that can help with better digestion and overall gut health.  




Managing a Thanksgiving Feast


Teens With Obesity May Have Brain Damage that Produces Poor Eating Habits


Gut Health

References and Links from Episode 37:

Sherry Rogers

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