November 15, 2019

035 – Obesity – the Fattest States and Cities in America

In this week’s episode, we look at obesity in the United States, some of the staggering statistics of this epidemic across both adults and children.  We also examine the financial and health impact of obesity from a referenced study that ranks both US states and cities relative to their obesity levels.  While no state really has acceptable levels of either adult or childhood obesity, there are some geographic differences that could help us better understand this unfortunately widespread health condition.  Discussion of the causes of obesity, some of the health challenges and factors associated with obesity, and what we can do to both treat existing obesity as well as help to prevent the prevalence of obesity in the next generation of children….




Obesity statistics


Fattest States and Cities in America


Causes of Obesity


List of Health Issues related to Obesity


Treatments and Prevention



References and Links from Episode 35:


Link to full study

Physical Activity Council Report

Fattest States in the U.S.  (lower number indicates fatter state)  

Source: WalletHub

Fattest Cities in the U.S.  (lower number indicates fatter city)  

Source: WalletHub

Obesity Trend Graphs, 1985-2016

Nancy Mure

“Obesity is not a disease. It is a lifestyle affliction. It is a symptom. It is a side-effect of poor habits and it can be reversed."


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