October 25, 2019

032 – Health and Wellness Headlines

In today’s episode, we examine several different news headlines in the health and wellness area from the past week.  We look at whether excessive brain activity can lead to a shorter life. After a quick update on our favorite fake meat company Beyond Meat, we examine the question of why doctors aren’t more educated about nutrition, food, and diet and the impact of those to more effectively treat patients.




Does Excessive Brain Activity Decrease Lifespan?


Beyond Meat update


Nutrition Education in the Medical Profession

References and Links from Episode 32:


Link to full study

Excessive Brain Activity Linked to a Shorter Life

Beyond Meat update

Nutrition Education in the Medical Profession

Peter Thiel

Nutrition matters for everybody, but you can’t major in it at Harvard. Most top scientists go into other fields. Most of the big studies were done 30 or 40 years ago, and most are seriously flawed. There’s plenty more to learn.”


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