September 13, 2019

026 – Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend

Each September, the elite of the bodybuilding and fitness world descend upon Las Vegas to compete at the Olympia Fitness and Performance weekend.  This year, the Olympia Show is September 12-15 at the Orleans Arena, with the Olympia Expo being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. There are 8 categories of competition (4 women and 4 men events).  Each of the participating athletes had to qualify to receive an invite to the most prestigious fitness and bodybuilding contest in the world.  

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the Olympia, the Olympia Expo, and the competitor categories of this annual event in Las Vegas… 




Olympia Expo


Women's Categories


Men's Categories


My Predictions


Summary and final thoughts

References and Links from Episode 26:

2019 Women's Bikini Competitors

2019 Women's Figure Competitors

2019 Women's Physique Competitors

2019 Women's Fitness Competitors

2019 Men's Physique Competitors

2019 Men's Classic Physique Competitors

2019 Men's 212 Bodybuilding Competitors

2019 Men's Open Bodybuilding Competitors

4x Mr. Olympia 

Jay Cutler

“I get a common question all the time, Jay what’s the secret? What’s the secret? And there is NO SECRET. The secret is progression, consistency and dedication day in and day out.”


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