August 9, 2019

021 – News Headlines

Today’s show focuses on several new (and updated) news headlines in the health and wellness arena.  We’ll revisit Beyond Meat since it’s stellar IPO and market run-up, and take a look at their current strategy, competitive threats lurking, and global market opportunity.  Next, we will discuss several recently published medical studies wrt exercise, obesity, and physical activity guidelines - and what you can do to both mitigate your risk of obesity while also ensuring you are getting at least the recommended level of physical activity to support your healthy lifestyle.  And finally we’ll examine another recently released study on how to best reduce belly fat and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.




Beyond Meat Update


National Taiwan University Study on obesity and exercise


University of Iowa Study on US Physical Activity Guidelines, 2007 to 2016


Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness study on best way to flatten your stomach

Links from Episode 21:

National Taiwan University Study on obesity and exercise

University of Iowa study on Physical Activity Guidelines in US

Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness - how to best flatten stomach

Julie Hamp

“The flood is the news, but Noah is the story.” 


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