August 2, 2019

020 – Gym Etiquette

While there is no rules handbook handed out when one joins a gym, there are expected norms of behavior within a gym environment.  As such, most of these are unwritten rules that unfortunately not enough people know. Again, while common sense should dictate most of these behaviors - like being a good person, picking up after yourself, and being conscientious of others - there is unfortunately  the need to get into more detail and provide more clarification with regard to gym behavior. Thus, we have our Top 14 Rules of Gym Etiquette - things that you should adhere to for your benefit as part of the community and your fellow gym members. In the shared space of a gym, you really don’t want to be “that” guy who annoys everyone else in the gym.  So let’s dive in….




Introduction to Gym Etiquette


Top 14 Rules of Gym Etiquette



Images from Episode 020:

If you're going to lounge on the machine using IM and  IG, get off the damn equipment....


“Spend less time on your phone, and more time lifting.”


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