June 7, 2019

012 – Exercise While Traveling on Vacation

Traveling can present several unique challenges when one is trying to maintain a fitness regimen.  You may not have access to a full gym, there may not be a kitchen in which to prepare meals, sleep can get thrown off due to jet lag and unfamiliar surroundings.  And if you are on vacation there is a high likelihood that you will be engaging in a cocktail and maybe some caloric dense meals (including desserts!:). In this episode of the Fitterest show, we explore a few tips on how one can still get a few good workouts in (for both physical and mental health) while really having time to relax and enjoy your vacation.  

Some of the local meals in Miami....

Fried chicken with mac n cheese

Salmon and braised potatoes

Roasted chicken and broccoli

Peruvian steak and veggies

Argentinian chicken lunch in South Beach

Margaritas by the bay...

Oh yeah....proof that I did workout while on vacation.....


​“My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch... I call it lunch.”


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