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022 – Longevity
In today’s show we discuss longevity.  Although it is often equated with “lifespan,” longevity is a broader concept that applies[...]
021 – News Headlines
Today’s show focuses on several new (and updated) news headlines in the health and wellness arena.  We’ll revisit Beyond Meat[...]
020 – Gym Etiquette
While there is no rules handbook handed out when one joins a gym, there are expected norms of behavior within[...]
019 – Intuitive Eating
With most of society being bombarded with diet messages, diet rules, do and don’t foods, eat this and not that,[...]
018 – Intermittent Fasting
Although it’s been around in principle for a very long time (most religions around the world promote some form of[...]
017 – Managing Self Talk
Like our physical habits, we all have mental habits that often manifest themselves in the form of self-talk, or conversations,[...]

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